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Lina’s dream academy was established by Mrs. Lina Hajaig and her husband Mr. Ihab Hajaig in 2016. It is situated at plot 1-4 Chikaji road, Zaria. Academic activities commenced in September 2016/2017 academic session. The school started with eight class rooms which are, play class, reception and year 1 to year 6.
The school, a brainchild of the proprietors was established with the aim of providing a conducive learning environment, standard infrastructure, a Hybrid modern educational system incorporating and blending both Cambridge and Nigeria curriculum with an emphasis on information technology and extracurricular sporting activities.
In the architectural design of the facility, Space, ventilation and visual aesthetics were given priority. The school has also invested greatly in its independent power and water supply to supplement shortages in public utility services.
The objectives of the proprietors is to expose our young students from their early formative years to information technology and prepare them for a constantly evolving computer based economy using tried and tested learning methods.
Our teachers are carefully selected and benefit from periodic training programs and online support to keep them abreast of new developments in education and child psychology.

Lina’s Dream Academy commenced the first term of the 2016 session with 3 pupils;
Dana Hajaig (9 years) – Year 4
Jameel Abdallah (12 years) – Year 4
Jameel Ahlam (7 years) – Year 2
Ihab Hajaig (5 years) – Year 2
Sadiya Auwal (4 years) – Reception
The Pioneer Teachers Were;
Tosin Komolafe (Mathematics teacher and Head teacher)
Maiyaki Magdalene (English teacher)
Collins Etumni (I.C.T instructor)
Esther Babalola (Science teacher)
Ibrahim Adamu (Civic education and Social studies teacher)
Kenneth Etumni (Arts and Crafts teacher)
Ruth Remson (Reception Teacher)
Mary Ali (Play Class Teacher)

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