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Admission Overview


Admission into Lina’s Dream Academy is by entrance examination followed by an interview. The entrance examination is held at the point of inquiry. Details will be published well in advance in the print and electronic media as well on the Academy’s website (www.linasacademy.sch.ng).


Transfers into the Academy from other schools may be allowed provided the candidates accompany their application with a transfer certificate from their previous school. Such students may be asked to attend an interview and sit for an entrance qualifying examination. Other conditions may include clean academic records, age and high moral standard from the former school.


Fees will be announced from time to time by the school authority. Every effort will be made to keep fees as low as possible. However, the Academy will have to respond to any increases in market prices in order to cover its costs. Fees are paid every term, in advance. Students will not be admitted to the Academy, or permitted to return to the Academy after a vacation, unless their fees are fully paid. Students who are more than two weeks late in reporting back to school after a vacation/holidays will be assumed to have withdrawn voluntarily, unless the Academy is otherwise informed.



  • Black Long trousers or shorts.
  • Lina’s Dream Academy’s customized collar Shirts
  • Black shoes or canvas
  • Sport outfits on Friday


  • Black Long trousers.
  • Lina’s Dream Academy’s customized collar Shirts
  • Black shoes or canvas
  • Sport outfits on Friday

Note: An extra white T-Shirt should be provided on Fridays for sports.


All textbooks will be supplied by the Academy, generally at the beginning of an academic year. There will be no extra charges to cover this.


Stationery will be supplied by the academy every year. Certain materials required for Arts and Crafts can be charged. Sports equipment will be provided by the academy, however, sport wears must be sourced by the student.


There will be an option for monthly pre-order of breakfast, lunch or both. Payment should be made in advance. Click here to see our menu

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